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Rising Trends in Modern Website Design

The field of web design has been growing by leaps and bounds. Over the past 2 years we have seen tremendous strides in the realm of CSS3, jQuery, browser support, and HTML5 webpage elements. Most developers are willing to move towards these trends and build a semantic community based around similar goals and ideologies. The […]

New trends in web design: think big, think large, think wall-size poster

Two fundamental rules of web design eagerly taught by most experts until not so long ago were: a) web design doesn’t work the same as print design, and b) when designing a web page, be mindful of prevailing conventions. Both rules are still valid to a certain extent, but not absolutely.

Friday Focus 01/15/10: Uppercase

At one point in our internet lives, we learned to avoid typing in all caps, because it meant we were yelling. At another point, we became attachmented to typing in lowercase, because it looked and felt cool. We see a lot of designs going lowercase in many portions of text, but nowadays, going uppercase is is all the rage. These designs seem to pull that off quite well.

First step to a better ’07: Forget ’06

Ah, the New Year is here. The first day of a new year always brings in countless promises you make to yourself, in hopes that you can be better person over the course of the upcoming year. From “I want to quit smoking” to “I want to lose 20 pounds”, New Year’s resolutions fly around […]

Friday Focus #11

And you thought we’d just rest after the holidays! Nope, Friday Focus is still here, with the very last one for 2006. This was an extremely busy week for DL, as we went through server moves, some adjustments, and published two new interviews. Besides are busy world, the rest of the design and development world […]