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20 Great Twitter Backgrounds For Inspiration

If you have a website the chances are great that you also have a Twitter account related to your website. Twitter has become our visit card online more then our websites for the simple fact that we update our Twitter status regularly. Now even though there are countless of Twitter clients out there a lot […]

Favorite Five: Twitter Services

These five services add value to your Twittering life- and just might save you time and increase your productivity.

Friday Focus 07/24/09: For the Birds

This week’s Friday Focus features designs with pretty little birds in them. (No, this isn’t another collection of Twitter-related sites—only two of them are.)

Twitter and the Numbers Game

Some thoughts about Twitter’s marketing potential amid the numbers game.

Friday Focus 06/26/09: Interactive Backgrounds

Backgrounds are so called for a reason. They’re meant to support and complement instead of attract and distract. This week’s featured sites, however, provide a whole other level of interactivity and usefulness to backgrounds. You decide if they’re a good idea or not. Either way, they’re interesting concepts that can only be executed on the Web, so, enjoy!

Do more with Twitter

Using Twitter? Here are more things to do with it.

Designers to Follow on Twitter

Five design celebrities to follow on Twitter.

Putting Twitter on your website

Integrating the power of Twitter with your existing website.

Friday Focus 03/27/09: Twitter Mania

Twitter has just turned three but it it’s still the most talked about webapp in ages. That’s because people are constantly coming up with ways to extract, arrange, and present its data. Let’s take a look at some nicely designed 3rd-party websites that harness its power.

Friday Focus 03/20/09: Fun, Illustrated Personalities

This week’s featured designs have great personalities and stand to remain etched in your brain thanks to generous use of illustrations. You’ll definitely want to meet them!

Friday Focus 02/27/09: Peeking Through

Transparency, translucency, opacity: we have designs that are peeking through this week on Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 06/06/08: They Just Work

Here’s a larger-than-usual Friday Focus for this week, featuring simple yet beautiful designs that just work. Four site types (blog, portfolio, static, e-commerce) that do a standout job of making an impression.