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Quick Ones: Monday 11.5.07

Prash asked me to drop a quick note about the sale of Mintpages. Most of you long time readers have all but certainly heard me mention Mintpages before as a private forum community for designers and developers. Well, much like myself, Prash is very busy with other things and no longer has the time to […]

Friday Focus #50

Time to celebrate the big 5-0! I guess that’s why today’s focus is rather late compared to the last few weeks (we were out celebrating all night). But anyways, here we go with edition fifty. Sites of the Week Kicking things off this wonderful 50th edition of the focus is Sikker, the Portfolio of Nicolás […]

WordPress 2.3 Released

Lots of people have been waiting all day for this, and now WordPress 2.3 is finally out. You can grab it here. I’m going to be making the upgrade now, so if you run into anything not functioning over the next little while, that’d be why. Expect a full 2.3 report tomorrow afternoon.

Record Breaker?

Lists definitely seem to be all the rage. It’s been less than 24 hours since the 30 Fonts You Want To Have list went up, and after just checking Mint it appears like it is going to be a record setting day. With just under 10 hours to go before the books close on today’s […]

And The Tweaks Continue

Round two of the homepage updates have now been completed. You’ll notice that the homepage sidebar is now a little bit more populated than before. Header images have been added for each section, to give some visual identification to each section. You’ll now find the four latest news briefs and side notes in the sidebar […]

Refreshed Homepage Now Up

If you’re looking for something to go good with your Sunday breakfast, stop by Devlounge and have a look at the updated homepage. As promised, it was time to trash all of the extra stuff and put more focus on our articles. I still have some things to add (just a few more things to […]

Particles is here

The newest WordPress theme is now available for your pleasure. Scoop it up today, and use it for your site now! More information is available on the Particles page. Special thanks to Robert for helping me squash the final display bug yesterday. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

More Homepage Space?

Update: Everything will be staying as is – forget I said anything. In an effort to conserve more homepage space and get more content to the visitor at first glance, how would you feel about removing the “Abstract and Motion” from the homepage? This is not to put away Fernando’s excellent illustrations (as they are […]


That little issue I mentioned with the page not loading correctly after publishing a comment has been fixed. It had to do with a Google Sitemap Plugin and PHP 5 (just upgraded to last night) compatibility issue. Everything should be working now.

Devlounge for Sale

The rumors are true: Devlounge is for sale. “First and foremost, the initial question many people ask themselves is “why is this person selling a site if it is doing quite well?”. I am a high school student, who will be entering my final year in September, and then getting ready for college. Initially, I […]

The Redesign Process: Part Deux

Start back at start It was almost a year ago when the first Redesign Process article was published. At the time I had just finished wrapping up and releasing Devlounge 2, the theme that actually was just released for free to the WordPress community. It felt like such a refresher, such a change, and a […]

Forums Now Open

A lot of tweaks are still left to go, but the forums are now open. Expect more news and updates on them tomorrow. For now, make your way over there and get comfortable. To all of our readers in the U.S., happy Fourth of July.