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Friday Focus 05/11/12: Rainbow Flavored

Today we’re looking at designs that don’t shy away from a broad color palette and completely embrace the rainbow. Happy Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 03/09/12: Chalked Up

It’s back to the classroom this week on Friday Focus as we study designs that feature the chalkboard effect on them.

Friday Focus 11/04/11: Side Scrolling

Like the parallax effect, horizontal scrolling is a popular technique to grab people’s attentions and making a website stand out. It also challenges the usual top to bottom browsing we are accustomed to, so it should always be used with caution. Let’s see if this week’s featured designs are on point. Happy Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 09/02/11: Over the Moon

This week’s Friday Focus features designs that incorporate the moon in them.

Friday Focus 07/29/11: Triangles

We’ve looked at designs with irregular shapes and circles before (twice, even), and this week we’re adding triangles to that list. Time for this week’s Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 06/03/11: North East South West

Here’s an interesting technique to try out in this week’s Friday Focus: designs that have four main navigational items arranged at right angles to each other, much like the four main directions on a compass.

Friday Focus 02/11/11: Awesomely Animated

This week’s featured sites are exactly what the title says: brilliant in-browser animations. Happy Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 12/31/10: Go Big or Go Home

The last Friday Focus of the year is going to be all about big designs. Time to go out with a bang!

Friday Focus 09/24/10: The One Page Experience

Some of the most interesting interactions I’ve seen done on websites utilize the one page format. Is it because there are fewer pages, fewer elements that should be easier to manipulate? Enjoy these one page wonders on this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 09/03/10: Ribbons

Using ribbons is really big these days, bringing both sophistication and a hint of nostalgia to designs.

Friday Focus 08/27/10: (Mostly) Black and White

I’ve noticed a lot of designs with a mostly black and white color palette lately, and not just for site types you’d expect. Is the colorful, rainbow trend being phased out with something more classic? Are people tired of safe, middle-ground gray? Welcome to this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 08/06/10: Sidebar Focus

Where sidebars are not an afterthought, and even steal the show. Happy Friday Focus!