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Friday Focus 09/02/11: Over the Moon

This week’s Friday Focus features designs that incorporate the moon in them.

Friday Focus 03/25/11: Sassy Sliders

This week’s Friday Focus features designs that use smart, stunning slideshow techniques that are sure to inspire you. Take some notes!

Friday Focus 08/13/10: Let Your Garden Grow

This week on Friday Focus: vines, blooms, and other foliage that do a great job of framing your website.

Friday Focus 05/27/10: In Your Face Illustrations

This week on Friday Focus: illustrations that appear front and center in these websites, because we want them big, bright, and beautiful.

Friday Focus 05/21/10: Neutralized

I’m seeing a lot of sites whose color palette consists almost exclusively of light grayish, brownish hues. Sounds boring? No such thing for a smart designer.

Friday Focus 04/30/10: Paint Me a Pretty Picture

This week on Friday Focus: lovely scenery and similar eyecandy painted with a virtual brush.

Friday Focus 04/23/10: Breaking Boundaries

This week’s crop features designs that literally break out of the box. Time for this week’s Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 02/05/10: Lightly Textured

Subtlety is the name of the game this week on Friday Focus. We’re featuring designs with light hues and textures for a relaxing, elegant feel overall.

Friday Focus 12/11/09: Sunbursts

This week, I’ve come across a lot of sites with sunbursts, a specific type of lighting that’s popular with not just the Web 2.0 look anymore. You decide if they’re crucial to the design or not.

Friday Focus 09/18/09: Airplanes

If last week we had clouds, this week we have planes! We’re keeping things up in the air this week on Friday Focus. (Still lots of clouds though.)

Friday Focus 06/12/09: Web as Canvas

This week on Friday Focus: websites that look like they made of paint, not pixels.