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Web 2.0, Future Creep, and the Irony of Frameworks

Ah, frameworks! These lovely little things that we load into everything today, the core for every project. Or are they? Dustin weighs in.

Friday Focus 07/05/08: Bursts of Color and Collapsible Content

Welcome to the first Friday Focus for the month of July. This week: strong bursts of color and collapsible content. Curious combination? Read on!

Essentials: Naming that makes sense!

In week two of our essentials series, we discuss the trend that is “shortr” branding names. Does it work? Personally, I don’t think so.


The latest in the ever growing list of web 2.0 startups based on form building that I’ve stumbled upon is Formspring. Does Formspring “spring” any new features on us that Wufoo, Icebrrg, and others don’t already offer?

Killing the Pattern Maker

As a designer, clients will request you do work to their specifications. Sometimes, their visions border things designs you’ve already made. So then what do you do?

Inspiration Behind “Custom Reading Width Beta”

“Custom Reading Width Beta” allows users of a particular website to adjust a reading container in order to suit their preferences. In essence, the user can choose the “reading width” of the layout, and also choose whether the behavior of the website is fixed or fluid. My inspiration behind writing the script Custom Reading Width […]

Matt Davies

Who’s behind the “Attitude” of Attitude Design? Find out in this insightful interview with the talented young designer Matt Davies.

Yahoo! Site Explorer Beta Review

This is my second review, and third article for Devlounge. Please let me know what you would like to see from me as a contributor. Yahoo! Site Explorer is a tool designed for webmasters to view all pages within a site (and a site’s subdomains) as indexed by Yahoo. Webmasters can also view all inlinks […]


I never would have thought just a few days after discovering Tick, I would run into another web 2.0 for tracking time & budgets. This time, I discovered Harvest, and I couldn’t help but jump on the opportunity to review it and compare the two similar services.

Tick Preview

Tick is an upcoming web 2.0 app with a different flair. Once again, it’s another tracker, but this time, it helps you manage time. In an exclusive insiders look at the current pre-release version, we’ll let you know if Tick has a future as a successful web app, or if it should be swept away […]

The Benefits of Mint

From Awstats, to a jscript inspired stats package that takes advantage of an open plugin API to harness a whole group of new powers, we look at why Mint has the competition melted.