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5 Premium WordPress Themes Which Have Definitely Nailed It

Let’s face it, finding the perfect WordPress theme that fits your requirements can be a tiresome task. The burden of creating a great website is not limited only to the actions “purchase” and “transfer domain name”. Choosing the right theme to go with your site can be an exhausting undertaking and there’s a reason why. […]

13 Crucial Dos & Don’ts of Modern Web Design to Stand Out From the Crowd

Web design has become an extremely lucrative and competitive industry with thousands of new developers springing up across the globe. We are now in a new industrial era where businesses are not confined to local service providers but now have access to a global marketplace through sites like oDesk and The playing field is […]

Design Focus: New Age Editors

Check out these modern tools that will help you build websites faster and better than ever before, and the design patterns they employed for their landing pages—from animations to familiar color schemes.

Premium Graphics for a Solid User Interface

Developers know better than anybody about the struggles of creating a usable interface. This can pertain towards desktop software, mobile apps, or website layouts. There are so many areas of development that you have to consider what interfaces are most commonly accepted by users. This is not an easy task and it does take a […]

Design Focus: Great Deals

Here’s a treat for the Thanksgiving and the holiday season that’s ramping up: freebies, bundles, and deals to help you create beautiful designs, all showcased on inspiring sites to boot.

An Infographic on The “Horrible Web Design Client”

Web design may be seen by many people as a creative endeavor. And it is. Designing a web site entails a lot of creativity and not just in terms of aesthetic implementation. It also entails a keen sense of design because a web site should actually work and function effectively and not just be beautiful. […]

Never Make These Mistakes in Corporate Website Design

All of us made mistakes. It is natural and inevitable. However, it would be best if we take note of our mistakes, learn from them and never do them again. On the other hand, we can minimize committing a mistake if we are just pro-active enough to know how we can avoid them. In creating […]

Must Have Books About Web Design And WordPress

Last week I posted about 7 handy cheat sheets to help you code your own WordPress theme. This week I’m focusing on books that go into all details. The web is full of ready made tutorials, even though they explain how something is done you can just copy paste it to use it on your […]

New trends in web design: think big, think large, think wall-size poster

Two fundamental rules of web design eagerly taught by most experts until not so long ago were: a) web design doesn’t work the same as print design, and b) when designing a web page, be mindful of prevailing conventions. Both rules are still valid to a certain extent, but not absolutely.

Web Designers: How Consistent Are Your Light Sources?

Good lighting can do wonders. Here’s a tip on using proper lighting effects in web design.

Friday Focus 03/26/10: Full Bloom

Let’s celebrate the new season with stunning designs that display the best nature has to offer. Happy Friday Focus!

Tips on Site Navigation for Mom

Quick tips on simplifying website navigation for my mom.