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7 Plug-ins to Customize WordPress Admin Bar

WordPress 3.1 now adds the familiar Admin Bar to your website/weblog. A feature made popular by Tumblr first. WordPress added the Admin Bar a while ago to their web based weblogs and now to self hosted weblogs. While a handy feature, not everyone is crazy about it. Myself for one, sometimes I can get really […]

WordPress Poll and Survey Plug-ins

A good way to get visitors input is using a poll or survey form. There are various web applications that you can use for free or on a trial version. But if you use WordPress for your website and want total control over your theme and data, a WordPress plug-in is the way to go. […]

Top 12 WordPress themes and plug-ins for mobile devices

Now that tablets are becoming mainstream and smartphones are getting better displays and faster processors more and more people are going to be browsing online with their mobile devices. If there was a time to make your website mobile ready it would be now. If your website runs on WordPress it is as simple as […]

The Best WordPress Social Media Plug-ins

If you write on a weblog for commercial purposes it’s of importance to make your content shareable through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Delicious to name a few. Social media functionality is as unmissable as having a title for your weblog. While having social media functionality is a must it must not be overdone. […]

The Best WordPress Admin Plug-ins

There are many WordPress Admin Plug-ins out there, but with each upgrade WordPress is improved thus rendering plug-ins unusable or the developer stops upgrading the plug-in. It’s a chore to go through the plug-ins to see what is still usable and compatible. The following list contains plug-ins that are still very handy to handle your […]

Three Rocking WordPress Plug-ins for Developers

Wordpress Plug-ins I can’t live without, and that every developer should consider using.