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5 Premium WordPress Themes Which Have Definitely Nailed It

Let’s face it, finding the perfect WordPress theme that fits your requirements can be a tiresome task. The burden of creating a great website is not limited only to the actions “purchase” and “transfer domain name”. Choosing the right theme to go with your site can be an exhausting undertaking and there’s a reason why. […]

5 Things to Look For in a Great WordPress Template

With thousands of WordPress templates to choose from, it’s possible to find ones that are really good and really bad. But most of them are right in the middle, not good or bad. These tend to result in a site that doesn’t make a good impression on a visitor. In other cases, it can just […]

Top 12 WordPress themes and plug-ins for mobile devices

Now that tablets are becoming mainstream and smartphones are getting better displays and faster processors more and more people are going to be browsing online with their mobile devices. If there was a time to make your website mobile ready it would be now. If your website runs on WordPress it is as simple as […]

How To Add Support For Menus In Your WordPress Theme

Do your WordPress themes support 3.0’s latest Menus features? If not, here’s how to do it quickly and painlessly.

Add A Facebook Like Button To Your WordPress Theme In 5 Minutes

Want built-in Facebook “Like” buttons on your custom WordPress theme? Here’s how to do it in under five minutes.

10 Premium WordPress Themes Worth Paying For

What, pay for a WordPress theme? Ten Premium themes that deserve a look.

Designing WordPress Child Themes

Want to improve and speed up your WordPress designs with child themes? Here’s how to get started.

How to Add Social Media Buttons to Your WordPress Theme

For Wordpress Theme authors, a quick tip on how to add Social Media buttons to your theme.

5 Tips for Free WordPress Theme Authors

Do you create free Wordpress themes? Five things to keep in mind.

Friday Focus 10/30/09: Orange for Halloween

We have some pumpkin-colored sites this week on Friday Focus, just in time for Halloween. Enjoy!

5 Awesome Bare-bones WordPress Themes

These Wordpress theme frameworks will make any designer’s life easier.