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The Best WordPress Slideshow and Gallery Plug-ins

Even though WordPress has its own build in gallery function it isn’t very fancy. Unless you have good coding skills to modify the gallery your best option is a gallery or slideshow plug-in. The nicest plug-ins are build with jQuery making them very slick and dynamic. A couple of the galleries even support more formats […]

Must Have Books About Web Design And WordPress

Last week I posted about 7 handy cheat sheets to help you code your own WordPress theme. This week I’m focusing on books that go into all details. The web is full of ready made tutorials, even though they explain how something is done you can just copy paste it to use it on your […]

7 Handy Cheat Sheets To Help You Code Your Own WordPress Theme

After countless of design and inspiration list you have finally come up with your own website design. But it is still sitting in Photoshop waiting to be coded. Coding a WordPress theme for the first time can appear a daunting task and even if you have done it before there is a lot of tag […]

Top 12 WordPress themes and plug-ins for mobile devices

Now that tablets are becoming mainstream and smartphones are getting better displays and faster processors more and more people are going to be browsing online with their mobile devices. If there was a time to make your website mobile ready it would be now. If your website runs on WordPress it is as simple as […]

10 Useful Lesser Known WordPress Plug-ins

There are countless of posts that highlight great WordPress plug-ins and after sometime you keep coming across the same ones over and over again. The fact is that no matter how good or great these plug-ins are sometimes they are just overkill for your needs. Once a plug-in is popular developers will mostly keep expanding […]

7 Very Handy Shortcodes for WordPress

One of WordPress greatest feature since version 2.5 is shortcodes. All themes comes with a function.php file. You just have to put the shortcodes in your themes function.php and you can start using them. Shortcodes are handy for features you want to use in your posts but not in all of them. Plug-ins usually are […]

The Best WordPress Social Media Plug-ins

If you write on a weblog for commercial purposes it’s of importance to make your content shareable through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Delicious to name a few. Social media functionality is as unmissable as having a title for your weblog. While having social media functionality is a must it must not be overdone. […]

16 Excellent One Column WordPress Themes

Tumblr and Posterous aren’t popular only because they are easy to get a weblog up and running. They are popular with lots of users because the of the no nonsense layout. No distractions, no overload of content or other items you are tempted to add. A lot of people claim that a simple weblog platform […]

The Best WordPress Admin Plug-ins

There are many WordPress Admin Plug-ins out there, but with each upgrade WordPress is improved thus rendering plug-ins unusable or the developer stops upgrading the plug-in. It’s a chore to go through the plug-ins to see what is still usable and compatible. The following list contains plug-ins that are still very handy to handle your […]

The Best White Minimal WordPress Themes

The best themes are the minimal white ones, they allow for more and easier customization. You can go for any second color you like without taking other elements in account. We chose the best free and paid minimal WordPress themes for you.

WordPress Snippet: More Posts in the Same Category

Make your single post view more interesting to read for your visitors by displaying more posts from the chosen category.

10 Premium WordPress Themes Worth Paying For

What, pay for a WordPress theme? Ten Premium themes that deserve a look.