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WordPress Security Alert

Last night the WordPress team announced a critical security issue that came about in WordPress 2.1.1 after a hacker gained access to the servers and edited a couple files allowing a possible remote php execution. Supposedly, the code was only found in 2.1.1 downloads from the past few days, but WordPress recommended that everyone upgrades […]

Style Your Feeds With WP Feed Styler v1.0

Feed Styler is a WordPress plugin for WordPress users who are comfortable with CSS and would like to be able to style their feeds. Feed Styler enables you to keep your existing class and ID style declarations in your content, but allows a different style to be applied to the feed of that same content. […]

WordPress 2.1 Shipped

Just a few short hours ago the first release of WordPress 2.1 (final) was announced. The new version, also known as “Ella” features numerous improvements. We’ll be upgrading from the RC1 to the 2.1 final shortly, but heres the official WordPress improvement list for this new release. As always, you can grab it from […]

Customizing WordPress: Advanced

The final layout guide in our Wordpress Customization series. Learn some advanced techniques for Wordpress.