5 iPad Apps for Web Designers

Got an iPad? I haven’t got mine (yet), but I’ve already got my list of must-have iPad apps down, and today I want to share five of them with you- five iPad apps that are particularly geared towards web designers.

Because, with a product as aesthetically pleasing as the iPad, you just know it’s something that designers will be naturally drawn to- especially with apps like these to help us do better work.

Sketchbook Pro

Can eight bucks really get you a “professional-grade” graphics program? Apparently so. I’ve tried the iPod Touch version of the app, and was blown away by its ease of use and powerful features. The iPad version is an upgraded version, with things like a better color wheel and more brush options. Sketchbook Pro is $7.99 at the App Store »

OmniGraffle for iPad

At $49.99, this app isn’t exactly cheap- but if you’ve ever used and fallen in love with OmniGraffle, you’ll know that it’s worth every penny. Having OmniGraffle on your iPad will open up a world of touch-screen possibilities, allowing you to do everything from creating flowcharts to wireframes, and sharing them via email as OmniGraffle documents or PDFs. OmniGraffle for iPad is $49.99 at the App Store »

PCalc Lite Calculator

A calculator is something I personally use all the time in web design, for everything from grid-based designs to calculating font weights. The PCalc Lite is a scientific calculator, so it has a lot more features than I need, but who’s complaining? It’s free. PCalc Lite Calculator is FREE at the App Store »

Voice Memos for iPad

A must-have app, and not just for designers or creative people. This one lets you record audio using the built-in mic, a headset, or external mic. You can tag your memos, time them, set audio levels, and pause and play them. You also have the option to send the voice memos by email for a fee. Voice Memos for iPad is FREE at the App Store »

FTP On the Go Pro

Finally, if- like me- you transfer files via FTP almost daily, you’ll love FTP On the Go Pro. The iPad version includes the option to view and edit multiple files in one go and (naturally) full-screen. Supports CHMOD as well, so you can set permissions wherever you are (that I am excited about this prospect says a lot about me, I think). FTP On the Go Pro is $9.99 at the App Store »

What iPad apps do you use as a web designer or developer?

  1. By Gustavo posted on April 7, 2010 at 11:34 am
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    Check out goodreader. It’s only $0.99. I used it to transfer a bunch of web design books I had in PDF format. It’s fantastic.

  2. By Kyle Tress posted on April 8, 2010 at 3:54 am
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    One more app I would add to this list is Brushes. It’s amazing and the UI is top-notch, not to mention it’s beautiful on the iPad . I never thought to include a calculator on the list (I personally wouldn’t have much use for it).

    I’d also like to mention an iPad app I helped develop called <a href="http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/moodboard-mood-boards-for/id355893506?mt=8"Moodboard. Like the name suggests, it helps designers create mood boards right on the iPad. It’s easy to determine the visual direction of work before firing up photoshop. Check it out if you use mood boards in your work!

  3. By Website Design posted on April 16, 2010 at 1:56 pm
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    Interesting apps.. but it still is not enough for me to consider designing on a real computer.

    Ipad just doesn’t have the power to design anything useful.

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