About Devlounge

Devlounge is a site for people working and enjoying the web. We want to be the online magazine for web designers, web publishers, and web workers overall. Among other things, we write about:

  • Designing a web site, blog, forum, etc.
  • Coding said web site, blog, forum, etc.
  • Planning an online publications, and making it successful
  • Working freelance with web designing or development
  • Finding the web applications and services that can make your online career smoother

A more complete look at what we’re all about can be found by diving deep into our archives.

A Quick History Lesson

Devlounge was founded by AJ Clemente in April 2006, and AJ along with his staff built a often linked resource for web designers. In late 2007, AJ sold the site to Splashpress Media, who bought it to complement its technical part of the network.

Splashpress appointed Thord Daniel Hedengren as a freelance editor for Devlounge. He is also responsible for the redesign.

I Want More Information!

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