Lounge 2

Lounge 2

In July 2006, Devlounge released a new design, entitled simply “Devlounge 2”. This design was requested to be released as a theme over and over again, and over and over I had to turn people away. To celebrate the launch of the “last ever Devlounge redesign“, Devlounge 2 is now being released in the form of a WordPress theme entitled “Lounge 2”, or L2 for short.

What Does it Look Like

Well, it looks like Devlounge of course! (A year ago that is). Devlounge 2 is a standard, two column design, which the usual whites, grays, and reds that long time readers have become accustomed to. For the public release of this theme, we didn’t do much to change it. We stripped out certain “Devlounge Only” images and pages, and let every else as is. Meanwhile, we did make two improvements over the original theme. First, the sidebar was widgetized, because if it wasn’t, everyone would have just requested it later on. Next, a block quote comment issue, which was ignored for a while, is fixed in this release.

Lounge 2 - A Glimpse

Live Demos

We finally have live demo for you to check out. Give it a try.


Installation, like always, is very simple, but it does require a few extra steps most themes do not. Please refer to the documentation “readme.html” file included in the download on how to setup homepage specific features such as Noteworthy and Sidenotes (Asides) posts.

Get It

This theme is fully compatible with WordPress 2.0+, and, although not tested, should also run fine on WordPress 1.5. If you run into any issues, please let us know.

Download Lounge 2.01 (V. 1 7/5/2007)


  • Fixed documentation issue which wasn’t telling you what to do to exclude categories

Support / Bug Reporting

Limited support will be available in the form of comments below. If you discover a bug, or are not sure how to do something, please leave a comment and we will get back to you with a solution.