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Friday Focus 09/02/11: Over the Moon

This week’s Friday Focus features designs that incorporate the moon in them.

Designs of the Week

Ryan Lottering's website

Ryan Lottering

Let’s talk about the moon and how it’s in the top right, in the foreground, spinning oh so slowly—just enough for people to notice it’s moving. Overall look seems simple, but I think it’s effective and still makes an impact. I think it’s interesting that the site labels the homepage as the About page at the same time. One nit to pick, while not visual, is that there are two different email addresses being used in three email links.

BlackMoon Design website

BlackMoon Design

It’s funny how this site also uses the Star Trek logo as one of its icons in keeping with the outer space theme. I love the illustrated, painted look in the header, including the word “design” in the logo (which doesn’t look like just another handwritten typeface). It’d be nice to have the headings as real web fonts now instead of images, but then I discovered that the whole design—and I mean every graphic you see on the page—is one big sprite, so kudos to that!

Things We Left on the Moon website

Things We Left on the Moon

This is just a demo site created by Dan Cederholm for An Event Apart Seattle 2010, but there are a lot of neat things to be inspired by here, particularly CSS3 features in the hover effects and typography. Love the idea of the halftoned moon landing picture as a background. The use of purple is also a nice touch, since it’s easy to just reach out for midnight blue when depicting skies and space.

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    Great selection. Don’t think I have done a design yet using the moon. Need to find an opportunity now…..


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