Design Focus

Friday Focus 10/29/10: Irregular Shapes

This week on Friday Focus, we’re looking at designs with edges and figures that you don’t see everyday. Instead of the usual rectangles, rounded corners, and circles, why not try these kooky shapes?

Designs of the Week

South Metro Connect

It’s always a good idea to echo your logo’s silhouette in the design. I also like how everything is layered one top of the other and stepping out of what would otherwise be boundaries.

Wentings Cycle & Mountain Shop

I think some of the content areas need a little more distinction, but how snazzy looking is that subscribe box—see what a single slash down a rectangle can do?

Tu Amigo en Granada

Content area distinction, check. Is the shape too repetitive though, and does it make the too-straight edge photo slideshow a little out of place?


Lovin’ every slanted edge here. Despite predominant use of green here, great idea to color the winter sport icons blue.

Radim Kurka

Great way to convey speed, action, excitement. Also, thin arrows repeat all over the design.

Site Optimizer

Another design inspired by the logo. It would have been nice, though, if there were more color in other parts of the site.

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