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Friday Focus 12/23/11: Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of the year once more, so let’s soak up some Christmas cheer with these designs. Happy Christmas Friday Focus!

Designs of the Week

Occupy North Pole website

Occupy North Pole

This is a wonderfully decked out design from the logo to the interface elements to the themed graphics in each blog post. The cookie charts look yummy and the Twitter/Facebook widgets blend in perfectly, and it’s all topped off with subtle falling snowflakes.

A Real Letter from Santa Claus website

A Real Letter from Santa Claus

Site’s defunct now but still worth mentioning for the lovely look it has. Deep red and gold hues combined with classic type make for a warm and elegant seasonal website.

A Very Warwick Christmas website

A Very Warwick Christmas

Deep blue and white is typical for a snowy night scene but this site adds a touch of not red but hot pink for a more funky, modern touch. Each slide of the screen loads a few animations in the background and invites you to click on the ribbon button which loads a lightbox fashioned like a scroll.

You Better Not Stress website

You Better Not Stress

Simple but striking (you can never go with red and white!) and packs a responsive web design punch. Each red box shows a subtle background on hover, then loads a white box that’s the exact width of the grid. Beautiful type, photography, and concept.

It's A Shape Christmas website

It's A Shape Christmas

Another red and white design but takes the color scheme in a bolder direction: pretty much all of the text is in red on white, while other areas  simply flip the colors around. That, combined with the thin diagonal line pattern in the background makes this page a little challenging on eyes, but it’s certainly bright and cheery.

Christmas Cracker App website

Christmas Cracker App

The only design in the bunch that does not use typical Christmas color combinations, or typical color combinations at all! Also taxing for the eyes, especially with the non-stop animations in each box, repeating several screenfuls down, but it’s a fun concept.

Social Media Weekly

HTML, Accessibility – The Hidden Nuggets of WCAG2: When Not to Use ALT Attributes
“Hopefully, that’s going to help you make the right choice as to when to give an image an empty ALT attribute so that screen readers ignore it, or one that has meaningful information that will help the user.”

BusinessFrom Side Project to Not So Side Project
“There still seems to be something of a disconnect between having a side project and turning it into something that is moderately successful; in particular, the challenge of making enough money to sustain the project and perhaps even elevating it from the sidelines so that it becomes something not so on the side at all.”

Web StandardsIE to Start Automatic Upgrades across Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
“Today we are sharing our plan to automatically upgrade Windows customers to the latest version of Internet Explorer available for their PC.”

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