Design Focus

Design Focus: Art of Paper Folding

If last week was all about uncovering and unfolding, this we’re looking at designs featuring actual folded objects a.k.a origami.

Designs of the Week

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Crafton website


Letting this site’s visitors play an origami puzzle for each page and giving them a prize at the end if they succeed is very clever. I guess my only question is if it distracts too much from the content and message of their page. I do like all the geometric shapes that come into play in the design, and it’s especially striking in the small portfolio slideshow, which uses triangles and diamonds for navigation and framing. Even cooler is how they built a 3D version too!

On Departure website

On Departure

Extremely simple site but the colors, which hail from the film it’s featuring, are lovely. I also like the very textured background where the paper folds come forth.

Ivan McClellan's website

Ivan McClellan

Love all the origami on this page and the white on blue color scheme. Wish he’d use true web fonts instead of Cufon, and the navigation for the portfolio images could blend in a little better, like the way the screen-by-screen navigation on the right hand side does.

Social Media Weekly

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Responsive Web DesignRundown of Handling Flexible Media
“When you take the responsive web design route, part of the deal is fluid grids. That is, container elements set in percentage widths.”

Typography, JavaScriptResponsive Measure
“Responsive Measure is a simple script that allows you to pass in a selector (ideally the container where your primary content will go) which generates the ideal font size needed to produce the ideal measure for your text.”

E-commerce, User ExperienceAccordion Style Checkouts – the Holy Grail of Checkout Usability?
“An accordion checkout can be truly great, but just redesigning your existing checkout in an accordion style won’t make it particularly easy to use in and of itself (although it might look good). It’s what the customer is required to do at each step that makes or breaks the checkout experience.”

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    Loving the Ivan McClellan one, quite an unusual subject matter for a site and done nicely, there are also a few sites around that have a logo that looks like it was made with folding paper which look great.

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