Design Focus

Design Focus: Penguins

We’ve checked out owls before, and this week we’re looking at another feathery trend: penguins.

Designs of the Week

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Impress A Penguin website

Impress A Penguin

Subtle animations and solid colors dominated by orange, with a simple storytelling format. Only down side here is the layout isn’t responsive, which could have been quite easy to do here.

Jacob Lee's website

Jacob Lee

Love the high-tech penguin mascot here, not to mention the use of broken lines and those orange + green boxes for emphasize content. Using turquoise with white text is a bold move too, but I like it!

Event Finds website

Event Finds

Oddly enough this carries a similar color scheme but holds its own look. I like the line treatment on the illustrations, the gray background texture that carries over to the dropdown menus, the stylized star accents (even on the social buttons), and the arrow-shaped buttons.

Social Media Weekly

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Responsive Web DesignResponsive Web Above The Fold
“Few topics in web production can bring a nerd’s blood to a rolling boil as quickly as “The Fold” and “Responsive Web Design”, so it’s high time we combine the two and bring this server to its knees under the sheer weight of trolls sharing how they really feel about me as a person.”

CSS – em>Evolution of CSS Layout: 1990s to the Future
“The specs we write at W3C are what define a correct CSS implementation: they represent an agreement among the borwser vendors as to what, exactly, CSS is and how it behaves.”

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