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Friday Focus 04/17/09: Pink Power

The use of pink in this week’s featured sites greatly differ from one another. Welcome to a pink edition of Friday Focus!

Designs of the Week

The 99% Conference from Behance

I love how this whole page is filled with pink, and everything’s neatly arranged in grids. The sharp (as opposed to soft) page curls on the right-side boxes are a nice little touch too.

Shannon Farrell

There is far less pink in here compared to the previous site, but it’s still quite memorable as a pink site. I like the light swooshes on the section headers too.

Lillie's Friends

I like that there are hardly any straight lines in this design, but what really caught my eye here is the cloud motif in the fly-out menus. Smart design touch.

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  1. By Victoria Blount posted on May 1, 2009 at 7:54 am
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    Pink can really lift the design of a site, especially a vibrant shade. It also looks so effective against black and grey backgrounds. Above are some brilliant examples of this, the top site also demonstrates that, pink doesn’t have to be associated with a girly subject to be used in the design.

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