Design Focus

Design Focus: Personal Reports

Our last set of inspirational sites for the year should encourage you to keep a record of your daily dealings and look back on them fondly in an annual infographic report format.

Designs of the Week

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El Juli

El Julio

Most chart visualizations rely on shapes and colors to present information, so seeing illustrations with thick black strokes breaks this one out of computer-generated coldness. My only suggestion would be to align the caption heights.

Kelly Korevec's 2011 Training Summary

Kelly Korevec’s 2011 Training Summary

This one isn’t a personally designed page but generated by a fitness tracking web app, but it’s a nice added feature to round up all the stats accumulated in a year. Flipboard-style numerals are a go-to, while adding in a donut statistic beside all the circular graphs adds a touch of humor to the whole thing.

Jehiah 11

Jehiah 11

Kudos for the interactive elements on this page, including the colorful transitions happening when you filter the information by category. Noticeably absent here though are numbers describing the data, so it’s all viewed in a comparative/relative manner.

Mike Seehagel

Mike Seehagel

Not sure if these numbers are really accurate but the animations and styling are strikingly energetic.

Social Media Weekly

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HTML, SemanticsPrinciples of writing consistent, idiomatic HTML
“The following document outlines a reasonable style guide for HTML development. These guidelines strongly encourage the use of existing, common, sensible patterns. They should be adapted as needed to create your own style guide.”

Web DesignThe 20 best new tools for web design and development of 2012
“Mark Penfold compiles a top 20 from his monthly roundup of the best new tools that saw the light of day this year – and many are free!”

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