Design Focus

Design Focus: Tableaus

This week’s featured designs feature illustrations that set the mood and message of the product they’re peddling, much like a tableau.

Designs of the Week

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Webdagene 2012 website

Webdagene 2012

Beautiful artwork here, it’s both geometric and organic at the same time. Web design wise, the content is laid out in standard fare, though there’s a very minor parallax effect going on the moment you scroll down.

Mailboxing website


The double-screen slideshow (iPad and iPhone) is a cool idea. While there’s relatively few content blocks, you don’t miss out, and get even more thanks to the storytelling in the images.

The Gobstopper website

The Gobstopper

The choice of pictures on the “popups” could have been better but it adds to the charm of the circus act theme going on here. Love the multicolored navigation, the hover effect on the buy buttons (a little tilt and resize goes a long way in giving emphasis), and the framed links in the footer with the mixed fonts. Different social buttons could have been used though, so they can blend in.

Tawkon website


Lovely site, it’s both clean and colorful. I like the tall navigation blocks on the lower half of the page; I’m generally used to seeing squares and landscape ones.

Social Media Weekly

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UsabilityPaper Prototyping As A Usability Testing Technique
“User interfaces can be quickly prototyped and tested. Thus, they also facilitate the quick introduction of modifications and refinements needed to address any usability problems that have been identified.”

HTML5Multimedia Troubleshooting
“I noticed a number people struggling to get HTML5 audio and video working in different scenarios. From Twitter to Stack Overflow, the same questions kept cropping up, so I’ve put together a list of the most common problems (and some not so common) and their solutions (if there is one!).”

Responsive Web DesignResponsive Line Breaks
“Responsive design doesn’t and shouldn’t conflict with traditional graphic design principles; it can certainly support the tenets of good design when implemented thoughtfully and thoroughly.”

Web Design, Conferences10 Conference Videos for Front-End Developers
“Here’s a collection of videos that I’ve stumbled across in recent months.”