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The Top: 12 Best jQuery Image Galleries

There are countless of jQuery image galleries out there, we gathered the best ones for you.

Friday Focus 08/28/09: It’s A Small World After All

This week on Friday Focus: websites featuring worlds that will fit right in your browser. It’s an interesting trend and a good exercise in 3D modeling and illustration.

Friday Focus 03/13/09: Some Nitpicks

I thought I’d make Friday Focus post titles a bit more descriptive from now on. The theme for this week, however, is a tricky one. It’s not about a common design element for the featured sites, but it’s about the techniques and choices made by the designers. The designs are almost there, but they need that one final tweak. Agree or disagree?

Using AJAX with your WordPress Plugin

This post was written as part of the How to Write a WordPress Plugin series. More and more plugins are starting to use AJAX techniques. I personally don’t see a use for most cases of AJAX, but it may be necessary for your plugin to use AJAX to accomplish a task. This post will show […]

Inspiration Behind “Custom Reading Width Beta”

“Custom Reading Width Beta” allows users of a particular website to adjust a reading container in order to suit their preferences. In essence, the user can choose the “reading width” of the layout, and also choose whether the behavior of the website is fixed or fluid. My inspiration behind writing the script Custom Reading Width […]

Ajax on Rails – Prototype vs JQuery

When you unpack your shiny new version of Rails and generate your first Ajax link, you are using the Prototype library. It’s beautiful to use. It adds many Rails-like constructs into the JavaScript language, e.g. the each method to iterate a closure over an array. Sexy stuff. But, how do you create a hover effect without using prototype?