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Just a quick side note for everyone on this wonderful weekend. You may remember Iconsushi, a site I briefly talked about in Friday Focus two weeks ago. It’s my friend Prash’s (who helped create Devlounge with me) newest creation. It is now officially open for business, with two icon sets available for purchase. He’s hooking […]

Friday Focus #51

We are now just one week out from the first anniversary of Friday Focus. It’s kind of weird to be sitting here thinking how quickly a year has really gone by…but I’ll get into all this reflection stuff next week. Enjoy the upcoming weekend everyone. Next weekend is November. Sites of the Week DreamsDrive is […]

Friday Focus #50

Time to celebrate the big 5-0! I guess that’s why today’s focus is rather late compared to the last few weeks (we were out celebrating all night). But anyways, here we go with edition fifty. Sites of the Week Kicking things off this wonderful 50th edition of the focus is Sikker, the Portfolio of Nicolás […]

A Preview of TNX: A New Text Link Service

I was recently asked to review a new text link marketplace, called TNX (“Thanks”). They use a point system to allow advertisers to buy link space on sites. Take a look and see what I thought during my quick run through.

Friday Focus #49

Happy Friday everyone. Edition 49, just three weeks away from a year. Wow, are you as surprised as I am? Sites of the Week Week 49, and the first site this week is BillQ. BillQ is another billing / money management web application. Both the site and the application are very clean, but there are […]

Sitepoint’s Ruby Book for Free

Just thought I’d make a quick note that Sitepoint has released their Ruby on Rails book titled Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications up for free for the next 60 days. Some of you may remember that we reviewed the sample we were provided of this book, and it looked pretty promising. You […]

Keegan Jones

It’s one noob after another. Today we check in with Keegan Jones, designer at Firewheel Design and one of the men behind Iconbuffet and Blinksale. Not to mention he also promotes how big of a noob he is on occasion.

Friday Focus #47

Here with are with another month drawing to a close. We are just 5 weeks away from the first year anniversary of Friday Focus, so feel free to start putting together your gifts for us now. I’m not sure what exactly the 52nd week of Friday Focus will actually hold, but hopefully I can get […]

WordPress 2.3 Released

Lots of people have been waiting all day for this, and now WordPress 2.3 is finally out. You can grab it here. I’m going to be making the upgrade now, so if you run into anything not functioning over the next little while, that’d be why. Expect a full 2.3 report tomorrow afternoon.

Record Breaker?

Lists definitely seem to be all the rage. It’s been less than 24 hours since the 30 Fonts You Want To Have list went up, and after just checking Mint it appears like it is going to be a record setting day. With just under 10 hours to go before the books close on today’s […]

30 Fonts You Want to Have

A large collection of 30 fonts you want to have, some free, and some paid. We may not be Smashing Magazine, but we can put together a good list here and there too. If you are looking for professional fonts to fun ones, we’ve got you covered with this extensive list.

Friday Focus #45

Another weekend is upon us. This was a fairly busy week in terms of site changes around here, most of which have been received fairly well. Now that school is beginning to calm down and settle back into the usual “pattern” I can expect to be in until June, I should hopefully be able to […]