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Design Focus: Animate by Scrolling

I’m a much bigger fan of this effect than straight-up parallax: using fixed backgrounds and illusions done by layering images to produce clever animations, all triggered by scrolling the page.

Design Focus: Uncover

Our featured designs this week have a nice little effect where you uncover content that seems to be under another.

Friday Focus 11/11/11: Happening Today

We’re curating a short list of sites celebrating this lovely date. Happy 11-11-11 Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 06/03/11: North East South West

Here’s an interesting technique to try out in this week’s Friday Focus: designs that have four main navigational items arranged at right angles to each other, much like the four main directions on a compass.

Friday Focus 10/09/09: 10-in-1

I’m doing something different this week on Friday Focus. I found one site with ten different styles on the same content (plus one homepage). Each one tries to match the visitor’s mood for the day. It’s also a good way to showcase one’s design repertoire. The designer also employs many interesting techniques into each style, so be sure to check all of them out!

Friday Focus 07/17/09: Old Newspapers

This week on Friday Focus, we pay homage to the good old newspaper, whose elegance and practicality ought to transcend the ages. Print isn’t dead; not quite yet.

Friday Focus 05/29/09: Huge Type

Typography on the Web is growing bigger and bigger—literally! That is this week’s theme on Friday Focus.