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Design Focus: Art of Paper Folding

If last week was all about uncovering and unfolding, this we’re looking at designs featuring actual folded objects a.k.a origami.

Design Focus: Uncover

Our featured designs this week have a nice little effect where you uncover content that seems to be under another.

Friday Focus 04/20/12: Unfolded

Our featured designs on this week’s Friday Focus put the paper motif to good use once more, focusing on its creases and folds. Not just in the corners and as borders, but as a way to demarcate sections of content at a time.

Friday Focus 01/28/11: Site Origami

The folded look on websites is still a strong trend. Let’s take a look at a new batch of sites that put it to good use on this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 09/03/10: Ribbons

Using ribbons is really big these days, bringing both sophistication and a hint of nostalgia to designs.

Friday Focus 06/11/10: Follow the Arrows

We have some interesting uses for arrows in this week’s batch of designs. Let’s see where they take us.

Friday Focus 05/14/10: Icon Parade

This week’s Friday Focus will tackle websites for a designer’s best friend: icons. Icon sites have been around for the longest time but we’re seeing a lot of sites pushing the envelope in interface innovation, both with their offerings and the website designs they’re found in. The latest trend so far? Websites created for a single icon set—now that’s a great way to promote work.

Friday Focus 05/07/10: Power Lines

This week on Friday Focus: website designs that use strong lines to guide the eye in navigating around them.

Friday Focus 01/22/10: Folded Out and 3D

This week on Friday Focus: these folded, boxy 3D-looking designs pose an interesting challenge to the designer in creating perspective and breaking out of boundaries. See how these websites did it!

Friday Focus 01/08/10: Red

Who’s in the mood for some red designs this week? Let’s start the show!

Friday Focus 02/13/09: Blocky and 3D

It’s blocky and 3-dimensional designs this week on Friday Focus. Oh, and Happy Valentines’ Day!