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Top 7 PHP Frameworks

Planning for developing a PHP web application nowadays also includes choosing the right framework. PHP frameworks have become increasingly popular and rightfully so. They can save huge amount of time with coding. Some of them are easy to learn and use, even if you don’t master OOP programming. Using a framework also takes care of […]

12 Free HTML5 and CSS3 Templates and Frameworks To Get You Started

With Internet Explorer 9 Public Beta just released we are a step closer to being able to use more functionality from HTML5 and CSS3. More and more developers and designers are taking the steps and creating their sites with HTML5 and CSS3 leaving the option to the user to switch to the most modern browser […]

Web 2.0, Future Creep, and the Irony of Frameworks

Ah, frameworks! These lovely little things that we load into everything today, the core for every project. Or are they? Dustin weighs in.