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Gravatars: Why Both Commenters and Publishers Should Use It

Do you have a Gravatar associated with your email when commenting on blogs? And if you’re a publisher, do you enable Gravatars on your site? No? Here’s why you should be able to say yes to both these questions.

Getting Gravatars on your Single Posts in WordPress

Do you want to display gravatars on your single posts, just like we do here on Devlounge? Then you need a WordPress blog, access to your single.php file, and this quick tutorial to get it up there.

Gravatar Beta Review

As reported earlier, the Gravatar Public Beta is live. Within this review, you’ll find screenshots and my opinions of Gravatar’s new features. Please note that Gravatar is a paid service ($10) if you want more than two gravatars and/or more than one e-mail address.