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Design Focus: Drag-‘n’-Drop

These sites invite you to interact with them by more than points and clicks, and mouse around with drag and drop features.

Design Focus: Bike Sites

It’s time to get fit and go on an adventure with these cycling sites. Are they as sleek and smart as the wares they’re peddling? Let’s go find out!

Friday Focus 09/17/10: Scallops and Shears

This week on Friday Focus: designs adorned with the timeless patterns of scalloping and sheared edges.

Friday Focus 04/02/10: Easter Spheres

Since it’s Easter next Sunday and I haven’t really seen egg-inspired designs yet, circles will have to do for now! More on this growing trend in this week’s Friday Focus.

Friday Focus 01/08/10: Red

Who’s in the mood for some red designs this week? Let’s start the show!

Friday Focus 04/10/09: Dark Rainbows

Rainbows are typically loud and attention-grabbing, but these sites have toned down the explosion of color to bring about a more modern look altogether.

Friday Focus 04/03/09: Pale Browns

The featured sites this week know how to use lighter, lower contrast hues of brown to evoke a professional, comforting mood.

Friday Focus 08/15/08: Eye-Catching Headers

It’s eye-catching headers this week on Friday Focus. Whether you believe in making the most of the content above the fold or not, it pays to make the top part of your websites extra beautiful because it’s the first thing people see.

Friday Focus 06/13/08: A Dark Friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th, so let’s celebrate this eerie date with some dark designs.