How to Write a WordPress Plugin

How to Write a WordPress Plugin Series

How to Write a WordPress Plugin, written by Ronald Huereca is an extensive, twelve entry series on the process of creating your own WordPress plugin. Every step is covered, from “Seven Steps for Writing a WordPress Plugin” all the way down to adding ajax to your plugin and releasing it. This is an excellent article series for anyone interested in the process behind creating your very first WordPress plugin. With code examples to help assist you, you will be on your way to future releases of your own plugins for the WordPress community.

Table of Contents: How to Write a WordPress Plugin

  1. How to Write a WordPress Plugin – Introduction
  2. Seven Reasons to Write a WordPress Plugin
  3. How to Get Ideas for WordPress Plugins
  4. Structure of a WordPress Plugin
  5. WordPress Plugin Actions
  6. WordPress Plugin Filters
  7. Constructing a WordPress Plugin Admin Panel
  8. Constructing a WordPress Plugin User’s Panel
  9. WordPress Plugins and Database Interaction
  10. Using JavaScript and CSS with your WordPress Plugin
  11. Using AJAX with your WordPress Plugin
  12. Releasing and Promoting Your WordPress Plugin

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We have now made it even easier for you to learn what it takes to write a WordPress Plugin. You can download the full length PDF which includes all code samples and images – just like the live versions of the articles!

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