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Friday Focus 02/10/12: Final Frontier

This week on Friday Focus, we’re exploring outer space. Get ready to blast off!

Designs of the Week

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Quazar website


Lots of animated objects on this page, from the space dust to the ribbons, icons, and buttons sliding back and forth on hover. I like the gleaming borders and the group photo on the “Design Troopers” page with the helmets to drive home that space motif.

Team Viget website

Team Viget

This one’s a horizontally scrolling site with a fun little animation that tilts back the objects on the page to their upright state as you page through each screenful. The use of an outer space view of the earth for a map is also a clever idea.

We Came From Mars website

We Came From Mars

Space designs are usually in cooler colors but it’s all hot hot hues here due to the Mars theme. I like how the two M’s in the logo look like a spaceship too. There’s also a nice “folded paper” background in the middle, and to drive the illusion of depth home, some parallax scrolling with objects floating in the foreground (not background). Also check out the astronaut heads in the second to the last section!

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Social Media Weekly

User Interface DesignPea.rs
“Collect, test, and experiment with interface pattern pairings of CSS & HTML. Pears is an open source WordPress theme, enabling people like you to get your own pattern library up and running quickly.”

“Without your help, without a strong reaction, this can lead to one thing only and we’re dangerously not far from there: other browsers will start supporting/implementing themselves the -webkit-* prefix, turning one single implementation into a new world-wide standard. It will turn a market share into a de facto standard, a single implementation into a world-wide monopoly. Again. It will kill our standardization process. That’s not a question of if, that’s a question of when.”

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