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Saturday Slice (FF #43)

Late edition Friday Focus this week, and of course, it is all my fault. Please forgive me for a rare “Saturday” edition of the focus. Yesterday was my first day back at school, and after the seemingly forever when-the-hell-is-this-going-to-end day was over, I was out the rest of the night until early this morning. So […]

Friday Focus #42

Issue number 42. Exactly 10 weeks to go until we hit a year. Enjoy the weekend everyone! Sites of the Week Leading off this weeks top three is Kineda. How many times are we going to feature this place? I believe this is the third time Kineda has made the list, but every redesign looks […]

Friday Focus #41

Friday focus…but it’s not even Friday! Please excuse me for a rather late Friday Focus this week. It was the first time in a while that I didn’t pre-write the focus on Thursday, and when yesterday came around, I was out most of the day. Since I’ve wasted enough time getting this one going, let’s […]

Friday Focus #40

Here we are with week number 40, a little bit later than usual on your favorite night of the week – Friday. It was a good week for us, with quite a few really good articles, that you should probably consider looking through if you haven’t yet. Alright, enough chit chat, it’s time to kick […]

Friday Focus #38

Issue number 38, right in time for dinner or your late afternoon Friday parties. Sit back and enjoy as I rundown the week that was. Sites of the Week Kicking off week 38 is CSSRemix. We have featured them in the past (one of the very first edition of Friday Focus I think), but today […]

Friday Focus #37

Week 37 is here, bright and early today so I don’t forget about it later on or get preoccupied . Enjoy the weekend everyone, and for anyone at Wordcamp, let me know how it goes! Sites of the Week Kicking off this week is the recently redesigned portfolio of Rob Goodlatte. The design has that […]

Friday Focus #36

Week 36, without any more delay. Have a good weekend everyone, but first, here’s the weekly wrap up we around here like to call Friday Focus. Sites of the Week Starting off this week is WallCandyArt. An excellent canvas art gallery and shop which combines grays and whites with flash splashed here and there for […]

Friday Focus #35

Week 35, a little later than usually because I just got home. But without further delay, here is this weeks Friday Focus. Enjoy the upcoming weekend everyone. Sites of the Week My personal favorites from various css galleries over the past week. Leading off this week is Mark Boulton Design. Simplicity wins in the case […]

Friday Focus #33

This is a special edition of Friday Focus, as it the very first one (out of 33 weeks, which is pretty incredible) that is being published on the first of the month. This gives us an odd and rather rare chance to explore the month ahead (in what will be a very big and productive […]

Friday Focus #32

It’s incredibly hot where I am as we enter into the last weekend of May, a three day weekend for many of us. As May draws to an end we get closer to the new Devlounge design and a surge of new content. I want to personally thank Ronald, as his WordPress plugin series (which […]

Friday Focus #31

Here we are with only a few more weeks left in May, and we get closer and closer to the brand spanking new Devlounge design and a ton of new features. Friday Focuses will play a much bigger impact in the next version of Devlounge (slated for early – mid June), so you can continue […]

Friday Focus #30

Number thirty! Enjoy the weekend everyone. Sites of the Week Starting this week off is Unfortunate. This site makes the list because I really like the idea, and I think it’s pretty fun. The site itself isn’t bad either, but I think it’s the originality of the project that gets more vote a bit more. […]