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Design Focus: Neon

Bright colors are in, and not just any kind of bright, but neon. Are these site designs over the top or on the mark?

Design Focus: Sprinkles on Top

Here’s a fun and colorful trend for this week: icons scattered on the page in ice cream-flavored hues, breaking out of the grid while still looking neat on top of their playfulness.

Friday Focus 05/11/12: Rainbow Flavored

Today we’re looking at designs that don’t shy away from a broad color palette and completely embrace the rainbow. Happy Friday Focus!

Friday Focus 01/27/12: Solid Color Coded

Welcome to the last Friday Focus of the month! This week we’re featuring sites employing blocks of color as a dominant part of their designs. Who says we need to use gradients in everything we do? See how it’s done.

Friday Focus 12/11/09: Sunbursts

This week, I’ve come across a lot of sites with sunbursts, a specific type of lighting that’s popular with not just the Web 2.0 look anymore. You decide if they’re crucial to the design or not.

Friday Focus 04/10/09: Dark Rainbows

Rainbows are typically loud and attention-grabbing, but these sites have toned down the explosion of color to bring about a more modern look altogether.

Friday Focus 10/10/08: All Colors of the Rainbow

No color in the spectrum is left unturned this week on Friday Focus. It’s all rainbows here—but no unicorns though!

Friday Focus 06/20/08: Retro Robots and Rainbows

It’s all retro this week on Friday Focus—robots and rainbows on the design horizon. You’re sure to have a blast with the designs below. Enjoy!